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My name is Kunal and I am a second year student. I like the charity work psa does to help people in need. I am the videographer for psa this year so i am excited to promote the wonderful events throughout the year

Media Director


Hi! I’m Zahraa Hyder Syeda and I’m PSA’s media coordinator. I’ll be the one who you’ll be hearing “Let’s get together for a picture” from a little too often. For me, PSA is all about making friends and using that foundation to be able to bring unity, fun and productivity to the Pakistani community at UTM  and to represent our country in the positive light it deserves to be represented in. Accha ab baaki baatein baad mai.

Media Director


Hi, my name is Ahmad Shafqat and I am the Media Director of PSA for the upcoming year. I hope to see you all in our upcoming events, In sha Allah!

Promotions Director


 My name is Rida and I’m a 4th year student.  I love hanging out with my friends to drink and spill chai. I’m excited to showcase Pakistani multicultural diversity and to bring the Pakistani communities together. I love how PSA brings the beauty, values, talents, and culture of Pakistan to our very own UTM community.

Promotions Director


Hey, my name is Adan Butt and I'm part of the pormotions team this year. It's my first year with the PSA and I hope to make it an exciting one! Looking forward to being able to help out at all the events and making this year memorable.

Promotions Director


Hey! My name is Maizah, I’m a second year CCIT student.  I’ve had a few great opportunities within digital media and leadership positions. I’m excited to be the promotions director this year! I will be working closely with the media team to promote and showcase PSA’s various events. Catch me actively  promoting PSA’s events on social media and around campus !


Sponsorship Director

 Hello everyone! I am Ayeza Basit, this year’s Sponsorship Director for Pakistan Student Association (PSA). Being a part of PSA makes us feel at home and keeps us rooted to our culture! As we all obviously know how much fun the Pakistani culture is, it only becomes better through PSA. We are here to not only provide for Pakistan through our charitable efforts but also keep our traditional culture strong. We are here to keep us reminded of our roots! It’s this purpose of PSA that grows my passion and love for PSA. So stay tuned guys as the PSA team brings fun and exciting events through out the year!


Finance Director

Hi, my name is Yumna and I’m the Finance Executive at PSA! I’m really excited to take on this role and be in PSA this year. What I love about PSA is that it is the embodiment of Pakistani culture on campus which makes me feel like I’m back home. I’m also looking forward to the fun events that PSA has planned for the upcoming year!


Finance Director

Hey, so what I love about psa is how openly it embraces Pakistan and tries to connect the Pakistani community through similar memories and experiences. It’s hard especially when you don’t have so many cultural connections to experience things from back home so it’s nice to have an organization in place that helps people do that.  I’m part of the finance team and am in charge of making sure that there is proper budgeting. Also to make sure that we have enough funds distributed per event that way each event gets the most!


Volunteer Coordinator

Hi y’allπŸ€—  My name is Muzna and I am one of your volunteer coordinators this year for PSA. I’m so thrilled and looking forward to all the events and activities we have planned for this year. Let’s be real, university can be a real pain in the a** so how about you take time out for yourself, make some friends and smoke some shisha. Jokes aside, I have made some unforgettable memories with my team here and can’t wait for you to make some too! Don’t  be afraid to say hi if you see me at uni or hit me up with a dm. I promise, I’ll reply😭  Also, I can’t wait to work with the new batch of volunteers, I’m sure y’all will kill it!   Karachi ganggg


Volunteer Coordinator

Hey! I’m Shiza, the Volunteer Coordinator this year for PSA, my job is to make sure the team works together and brings to you the best of PSA that you will ever see πŸ€™πŸ». PSA is like my family and we are all super excited for the coming year! πŸ’š


Events Director

Hey guys i’m Yumna! i’m one of the events directors this year. My job is to bring you guys the best parties PSA UTM has seen 😝😝 Hands down the best group of people on the team, soooo grateful for all the friendships ❀❀


Events Director

Hello guys, my name is Remsha and I am one of the events directors for this year! We can’t wait to make this year bigger and better by bringing out your favourite events with a new touch and spreading and sharing the beauty of our culture!


Events Director

Hello, my name is Samra Khan and I am one of PSA’s event directors. I am proud to be a part of a team which not only provides a platform for the Pakistani community to connect, but also other students on campus through a variety of events. I am excited to work with the PSA team to bring forth new and improved events, with a touch of our unique culture!

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